How to use the Campaign Creation Template

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One of  the key advantages of using Vantage to run campaigns is the ability to perform multivariate tests of ads (for example: one image with 4 versions of text copy). To make it easy for you to test many ad combinations, and ensure that mistakes don’t get made, Vantage has designed a process for submitting  your various pieces of ad copy and images.         


  1. If  you look at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see that the template has a  number of tabs. Be sure to provide copy variations for the 4 Facebook placement tabs (News, RightColumn, Mobile, and Instagram), and/or Google Display. Each placement has different fields and character limitations so the ad copy needs to be customized for each. In the CTA column, please select a cell, a dropdown list will appear, select the Call To Action you wish to use.    
  2. Fill in but don't exceed the max character limit for any individual piece of copy. In order to avoid  Facebook/Google truncating your copy mid-sentence, we provide guidelines for the maximum amount of characters. Once you go over the recommended characters, the character counter colour will change from green to red     
  3. Images and videos are now paired with the row of ad copy they are associated with. If you have a specific image/video that you would like to pair with a complete row of ad copy, paste that image filename/video ID in the column associated with that ad copy. If you would like to test multiple images with a single complete row of ad copy then paste all image filenames/video IDs in the corresponding field. This will need to be done on a placement by placement basis. ALL IMAGE FILENAMES SHOULD BE UNIQUE
  4. Facebook has a maximum of 50 ads per placement (tab). If you exceed this maximum in a Facebook placement, some of your ads won’t run.  
  5. Please upload your images on the Vantage dashboard/campaign builder. To ensure that the correct images are used with each template, use a naming convention that makes it easy to match the images with the Template.

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