Spring Black Friday 2024

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The Home Depot Spring Black Friday event starts on April 11th and runs until April 28th. If you are participating in this event and intend to reference Spring Black Friday in your RM+ offsite campaigns, it is mandatory to use The Home Depot’s official lock-up on your advertising assets.

Please click here to access the lock-up content.

Please read below for the rules and guidelines for using The Home Depot Blck Friday lock-up.

Content Usage Guidelines:

  • Participation in the use of the Spring Black Friday event lock-ups is optional.
  • It is the vendor's responsibility to ensure they are eligible to participate in the Boxing Week event. The Home Depot reserves the right to reject ads for vendors who are not eligible.
  • The Home Depot lock-up must be used if you are calling out Boxing Week on your creative.
  • Strictly no vendor-created Boxing Week lock-ups are permitted.
  • When incorporating the event lock-up, please do not:
    • Stretch or distort the proportions
    • Change the scale of letters/words
    • Alter the colour of the lock-up
    • Place the lock-up at an angle other than how it presents within the source file
    • Modify transparency
    • Reproduce or change the typeface
  • Lock-up usage is restricted strictly to the specified event dates.

Best Practice Example:

Vendor Options:

  • Brands may add the lock-up to their own assets, ensuring compliance with the guidelines above.
  • Brands may send their assets to Vantage 1 month in advance of the event start date, and Vantage will add the lock-up to the brand assets.
    Note: Vantage can only add the lock-up to existing assets. Vantage cannot make additional edits to assets.

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