How do I build a Smart Campaign?

Step 1: Choose your Audience
First, select your audience from the carousel of options across the top. 

Step 2: Choose image and video content
There are 3 options for selecting media for your ads. You may search for product images from your store, upload your own images, or choose videos connected to your Facebook page.

Step 3: Advertise on Facebook and Instagram

After you have selected or uploaded your images, click the channel you want to build ads for. Click 'Facebook' to build Facebook ads. Click 'Instagram' to build Instagram ads. Or click 'All platforms' to create ads for both Facebook and Instagram.

Step 4: Edit Ads

A preview of the ads will be pre-populated with template copy. We suggest writing custom copy that fits your store's brand and products. Edit all of your copy by clicking ‘edit copy’. You can also select individual ads to edit copy.

Step 5: Decide Budget and Duration
There is a recommended budget for each campaign but you can nudge it up or down within limits.

Campaigns set to ongoing will continue from month to month. To run a fixed-length campaign, select an end date. If you would like your campaign to begin at a future date, select a start date.

Step 6: Run

If you are running your first campaign, you will be prompted for your credit card details.

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