How the Vantage Optimizer Works

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One of the many benefits of running campaigns with Vantage is that you get to take advantage of the Vantage optimizer. The Vantage optimizer is a tool that evaluates not only the performance of an individual ad but also the performance of individual placements within a campaign. Once a campaign is live, the system will automatically re-allocate ad spend to the ads and placements that are performing by removing budget from, and in some cases completely turning off ads and/or placements that are not performing based on the campaign goal

To ensure we can optimize your campaigns effectively and provide the best possible return, we recommend that all campaigns follow these guidelines:

  • Use multiple placements
  • Make sure you use 5-10 ads per placement
  • Test different copy and images

Once a campaign is live, you can see the changes made by the optimizer in real-time by navigating to the "Placement Metrics" section of the campaign details page.

Ads Running - This shows the number of ads that were submitted for a particular placement as well as the number of ads that are running at the moment. As an example, 3 of 5 means that 5 ads were submitted but the optimizer determined that 2 of the 5 ads in that placement were underperforming so it turned them off.

Current Target Spend % - This shows the current weight that the system has allocated to each individual placement. This number will change throughout the course of a campaign's lifecycle as the optimizer moves budget to the top performing placements.

Total Spend % - This column shows the proportion of the total spend by placement.

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